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How We're Roasting It: Dark - we've found that all of the coffees we have, this stands up to the darkest roast best. This profile has low acidity, and it takes on the malty, toasty notes of a good dark roast.


From the Importer: "Sítio Santo Antônio coffees have been described as sweet, dried fruit, red fruit, chocolate, shortbread, lemon grass, and winey berry aroma. The farm is owned by the Peixoto family where they nurture 74,000 coffee trees on 44 hectares of land. They are well-known specialty coffee producers. In 2020 the Peixoto’s became well-known in the global coffee industry to be among the first Black Brazilian families to export into the international specialty market carrying their name and recognition. Their coffees are sought after by specialty buyers looking for something to showcase as a single origin Brazil. In 2008 they started to compete and win in local competitions in their region. They have continued to improve their processing and quality throughout the years."


I was drawn to work with BD Imports because they are the only American coffe importer I could find who actively seeks to work with Black farmers in Brazil. The company itself is owned by a Black woman, the amazing Phyllis Johnson, who literally wrote the book on Black coffee farmers in Brazil. One major reason I started the BOP was to support other businesses that view the coffee trade as a means to improve the world, not simply to extract from. From speaking with Phyllis and reading her writing, it's clear how deeply she cares about the impact of her work.

Brazil - Jose Peixoto [DARK ROAST] (12 oz /340 g)

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