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How We're Roasting ItMedium, a little on the lighter side to let the citrus and floral notes shine through while maintaining that smooth body.


From the Importer

"Embogo is the unique wild buffalo that is plentiful in the national parks of Uganda. Strong and undeterred, Embogo is revered and respected for its strength. Our Embogo Specialty Natural combines the classic Natural traits of citrus and floral notes while distinguishing itself with a silky winey punch that is unlike any other origin. At 85+ cup score, the coffee packs all the strength and diversity, like the buffalo from which it takes its name, while offering quality and value that is irresistible."

I chose to work with Sucafina for a few reasons. First, Sucafina is committed to sustainability and transparency across the coffee supply chain to an extent that I've rarely seen. For each of the coffees they offer, they provide a detailed report of all the conditions at origin and how they view their role in that supply chain. They consistently use their resources to support farmers strategically through education and infrastructure investment, and are diligent about reporting out progress or issues on the ground. 

Second,  in order for a small coffee roaster like myself to be profitable, it's really helpful to work with a big multi-national company to source at least a few origins. Sucafina is one of the only multi-national companies that focuses exclusively on coffee. These companies have economies of scale that allow for a level of consistency that's much harder to find with smaller, regional importers, and this consistency makes it possible for me to create signature blends. These signature blends are crafted specifically to meet the needs of our customer base.

Uganda - Embogo (12 oz / 340 g)

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