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What is the BOP?

My name is Jack Sullivan, and I am currently the sole owner/operator of the BOP.

For the past 6 years, I have been teaching German and Latin in the North End of Hartford. That's me on the left, in my classroom during the '19-20 school, holding an abnormally large zucchini a student had gifted me.

My passion for coffee started in the winter of 2014, with a cup of Folger's my friend Sameer brewed the night before our mid-terms. Since then coffee has become a core part of my life - a way to build community; an opportunity to learn more about the world through exploring the history and science of the coffee plant; and a daily ritual to keep me grounded, focused, and happy. In 2018, I found some green (raw) coffee beans and started roasting at home, sharing with friends and family. 

I started the BOP for two reasons. First, I wanted to create a space in Hartford where folks can access delicious, unique coffees that are thoughtfully sourced, giving respect to the farmers and the earth. Second, I wanted to contribute to the Hartford community by paying taxes and creating new jobs and, eventually, innovative training programs for our city's young people.

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