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Our Approach to Coffee

the BOP is a coffee roaster created by educators, committed to creating beautiful coffee experiences.

This starts with quality beans that are sourced thoughtfully. Currently, we partner with different importers who are working to push the boundaries on green coffee quality, transparency, and paying coffee farmers proper wages. 

We roast these beans at our micro-roaster in Hartford, CT. Our approach to roasting is all about maximizing the inherent sweetness and unique characteristics of the beans the farmers have worked so hard to produce. 

We offer these beans directly to folks brewing at home, so whether your daily coffee routine involves an espresso machine, a sock, or a moka pot, you can do it with the BOP beans.

At our coffee bar on Pratt St., we brew for you with a focus on top quality and innovative brew methods, with options for every palate and budget. In addition to a classic espresso bar and our signature chai, offer some of the best batch coffee in the state, brewed on the Ground Control Cyclops.

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