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the Name "the BOP" 

the BOP stands for "the Beans off Park" to commemorate our business' origins in Hartford at 16 New Park Ave, just off Park St. It could also stand for "the Beans of Parkville", as a nod to our dynamic neighborhood and the beans we roast to keep our neighbors energized.

To be totally honest though, those are both just lucky backronyms. the BOP originally stood for "the Blood of Paradise", which is a line from a poem by Wallace Stevens, one of Hartford's greatest poets. Beyond being a rad way to describe coffee, the Blood of Paradise captured our roastery's vision and reason for being. 


"Shall our blood fail? Or shall it come to be
The blood of paradise? And shall the earth
Seem all of paradise that we shall know?
The sky will be much friendlier then than now,
A part of labor and a part of pain,
And next in glory to enduring love,
Not this dividing and indifferent blue."


Our Values

    Connection and Community - we exist to create the conditions for our customers and team to build meaningful relationships over time.
   Education as Empowerment - we believe in the power of continual learning to help people make informed decisions and lead purposeful lives; we humbly seek to teach and learn from our team and our customers.
Beauty through Quality - we strive to create the most delicious products in the most delightful environments so our customers and team can find little pieces of joy in their daily routines.

Meet the Team

Join Us!

Whether you're interested in hearing what roles we have available or in partnering with us as a wholesale client, we'd love to hear from your! Reach out at

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