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Tea: Baby Amber Red (black tea)

Grower: Hariyali Cooperative

Tea Maker: Hariyali Cooperative

Origin: Jasbirey Village - Ilam, Nepal

Elevation: 1,600m (5,200ft)

Cultivation: Natural (Organic, but no certification)

Harvest Date: June 2019 - Second Flush


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Baby Amber Red is a roasted black tea with sweet, full flavors. The tea is handpicked, rolled, and fully oxidized. It is then roasted once during the finishing process, resulting in a cup with almost no astringency or dryness. This is because roasting decreases the amount of caffeine and bitterness in tea.

The tea maker produced this tea during the second harvest of the 2019 year as an affordable option compared to his original Amber Red which was roasted twice. The teamakers at Hariyali Cooperative have become very consistent, and the leaf standard is above average.

Notes of milk chocolate, sweet potato and white grape. The aftertaste is incredibly sweet and thick for a black tea.

The tea leaves and liquor have a deep, lush fragrance, like radishes and flowers, that is characteristic of Nepal's high-altitude teas. The garden where the tea plants is teeming with native plants, mosses, and bugs, demonstrating incredible fertility and soil health.

Baby Amber Red, Nepal (3 oz / 85 g)

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